Enchanted Keyfinder: Find or change Windows or Office product keys

Been there, done that! I don’t know one individual that at one point or another, at the time to reinstall a software or operating system — most commonly Windows — they forgot or lost the product key. If you also are one of those people or you are just trying to help someone and he/she doesn’t have Windows or Office product key, Enchanted Keyfinder is the answer.

Enchanted Keyfinder is a free, open source utility that can help to retrieve product keys (or serial number), also this utility does not require any installation. Enchanted Keyfinder works with Windows 9x, ME, NT/2000/XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and with other software as well, like Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. Additionally if you run into problems with the operating system and it wont boot, you can try the Enchanted Keyfinder Linux Live CD.

Note that the functionality to change the product key is for Windows XP.

One other thing really handy is the ability to save all of the product keys to a text files by going to the File menu and selecting Save as… I don’t know about you but I will find frustrating if I used this utility, wrote down the product keys, formated the hard drive, and realizing at the time to enter Windows product key, in the new installation, that you are typing the wrong key, because you didn’t write it correctly.

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