How to embed videos (e.g., YouTube) in Word 2013 and in PowerPoint 2013

Among many improvements, embedding online videos from different services (for example, YouTube) is one of the new features you’ll find in Office 2013. This new feature allows you to insert and play online videos right into the document itself, which means that you no longer need to paste a link that points that video to complements your project. Once you embed a video, people can simply click play and have a better experience interacting with the Office 15 document (Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013).


1. Launch Word 2013 creating a new project or just simply continue editing a previous document.

2. From the Ribbon menu navigate the INSERT tab and click on Online Video.

3. The Insert Video box will appear. Here you can choose to do a search with Bing or you can paste the embed video code, if you already found the video you want to insert.

Insert Video

Tip: Make sure that you paste the actually code for the video you want to embed. If you paste the link of the video it will not work.

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4. If you used Bing, select the video and then click Insert to finish.

Bing Video Search

Note: Inserting a video in PowerPoint 2013 works in the same way, only that you need to click Video and then Online Video to get to the Insert Video box.

Embed Video PowerPoint

That’s all there is to it! Just remember that anyone wanting to watch the video will still need to have an Internet connection.

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