Cortana with male voice and new features are coming

Although Cortana hasn’t really taken the digital assistant market like Amazon Alexa or Google Now, it’s still relevant, and it appears that Microsoft will soon be bringing some important changes, including new male voice option and integration for the Outlook app.

According to a new leaked video, shared by @h0x0d (WalkingCat) on Twitter, Cortana will include an option to change the voice from the traditional “feminine” to the new “masculine” option. However, it’s unclear how the voice will sound like as the video doesn’t play any audio of the assistant.

The digital assistant also seems to be getting some new features for the Outlook app on iOS. The video shows that the app with a new “Play My Emails” feature that will allow Cortana to check your emails and give you a brief so you can catch up and plan ahead.

On Windows 10, Cortana will help you to track your activities more easily, similar to timeline, but with a more assistive approach. Also, there’s a new “Briefing” feature that creates a digestible brief of your calendar in your inbox, and the “Scheduler” is a new feature to quickly add events and meetings to your calendar.

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The leaked video doesn’t reveal when these new features for Cortana will be available, but it’d appear that Microsoft is planning the rollout before the end of the year.

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