Convert EXCEL to vCard (VCF) (Free)

The format vCard (extension .vcf) is the standard format for address book contacts. Contacts in a vCard file can be easily imported onto a phone, which is impossible if you have an Excel file because it may have different types of formatting.

We have already seen how to transfer Excel contacts to Android, but always first converting Excel to vCard format using the free service Gmail. Below, however, we want to indicate another fast and FREE method for convert EXCEL to vCard (VCF) so that you can then import the data onto any device.

What is the Vcard VCF format?

It is a file format that is used to store contact information such as name, phone number, email address, home address and many other info. The structure of the vcf file looks like this:

FN:First Last

What is Excel (xls/xlsx) format?

It is a very popular format that is generally created by Microsoft Excel. Until Microsoft Excel 2003 the extension was xls and from Microsoft Office 2007 the extension became xlsx. This format is used by most organizations and companies. This is why it often happens that we have contacts saved in an Excel file instead of a VCF format file.

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If you google it you will find surprising results. You will find various software (many paid) that aim to convert Excel to VCF. Below, however, we want to point out a 100% free method to convert Excel files to vCards. The conversion from xlsx to vcf is a process that must necessarily occur in two steps. Let’s see how this free method works and how you can convert Excel xlsx to Vcard (vcf).

Convert Excel (xls/xlsx) to vCard (vcf) – Free

  1. Open the Excel file on your computer via Microsoft Excel
  2. Organize your data if it isn’t already well organized
  3. Click File and then up Save with name
  4. Click You choose and select a folder on your PC to save the file.
  5. Select CSV(Comma delimited)(*.csv) as the output file format.
  6. Now log in to the site and download the proposed software (it’s free and weighs less than 1MB)
  7. Install this program and launch it
  8. From the home screen select and import the file CSV that you saved earlier. Below select the file output (in VCF format) and you can decide whether to save all contacts in a single VCF file or each contact in a single VCF file.
    CSV to Vcard Converter
  9. If the vCard attributes / properties are not automatically identified, specify them in detail further down (where the table with the various fields appears)
  10. Finally click on the button Convert. The file will be converted (from CSV) to VCF (vCard) format.
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That’s all!. To upload this VCF file to your phone you can either use manual methods or use software like MobileGO able to import contacts from PC to mobile phone


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