Connect Samsung mobile phone to PC or Mac

The mobile phones SAMSUNG they are certainly the most widespread on both the Italian and international mobile telephony markets. Samsung devices have achieved this record thanks to the Samsung Galaxy series which still represents the top in the smartphones & tablets category.

samsungIf you want connect a Samsung mobile phone to your PC or Mac to manage all the data inside it, directly from the computer, you will necessarily have to use a “Samsung Manager” program capable of detecting the device and making the PC/Mac communicate with it.

Smart Switches is the latest (official) software created by Samsung to allow the management of mobile phones from PC/Mac. This program is compatible with all Samsung branded mobile phones and allows you to do various things such as backup of contacts, management of messages, photos, videos, data synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, firmware update, etc… The old version of Smart Switch is who loves Samsung Kies and is ideal for slightly older versions of Samsung mobile phones.

The problem with Smart Switch and Kies is that they often have connection problems with Samsung mobile phones and this makes data management impossible. To overcome this problem, the best thing to do is to rely on third-party programs like the two we are going to point out below.

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#1. TunesGO (for Windows and Mac)

TunesGO is a new program designed for both Android and iOS users, which allows you to connect Samsung to your PC or Mac and manage all your data easily: photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages, etc…

A) Download TunesGO

Below are the links from which you can download the demo version of TunesGO for Windows or Mac:

download download_button_mac

When starting TunesGO the Samsung Galaxy will immediately be recognized and shown in the main window. If it is not detected you will have to enable the USB Debugging option on it.


B) Enable USB debugging on Samsung

To activate USB debugging on a Samsung mobile phone, here are the steps to follow. In our case we activated USB debugging on a Galaxy S7 Edge, but the procedure is very similar for all Samsung Galaxy devices.

From the home screen of your mobile phone, access the Settings and then scroll down until you find and click on About Your Phone:

After clicking on Phone Information you should find an option

In the screen that opens, search and click on the option 7 times BUILD VERSION

After clicking 7 times a message will appear on this item to notify you that Developer mode has been activated on the phone. At this point go back to your phone's Settings, scroll down and click on “Developer Mode“. In the screen that opens you will finally find the option USB DEBUGGING and you can activate it.

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C) Samsung management via TunesGO

As soon as you activate USB debugging and connect your Samsung to your computer, TUNESGO will detect the mobile phone and you will finally be able to start managing the data and proceed with the transfer, import and export of photos, contacts, music, videos, etc… You will also be able to backup and restore data, transfer data to and from the Samsung mobile phone, copy data from iTunes to Samsung and vice versa, etc…

As you can see from the figure above, all you will have to do is select the category of data to be managed at the top (video, photos, music, contacts, text messages, etc…) and once the screen with those files is open you can proceed with the import and/or export to the computer. You can also delete files, convert photos into animated gifs, create music CDs with songs from your mobile phone, transfer data from one mobile phone to another (even between iOS and Android) and much more. For more info on all these features go to official site by TunesGO.

#2. dr.Fone for Android

dr.Fone is another great alternative program to Smart Switch for connect Samsung mobile phone to PC Windows (or Mac) and do all the data management operations you want. Inside dr.Fone there are actually dozens of modules and functions. Let's see better how it works and which module needs to be activated to be able to manage Samsung from a PC or Mac.

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Download and install the free demo version of this program on your Windows PC or your Mac.

download download_button_mac

When dr.Fone launches you will see a main screen like this:

To connect your Samsung to your PC and view/manage data, the function to use is Phone Manager. Once this function has been selected, the screen shown below will open. The program will first ask you to connect your Samsung mobile phone to the computer via USB or Wi-Fi. After making this connection you will see the picture of the Samsung in the program interface and you can start managing photos, contacts, music, videos, contacts, messages, and much more:

The two programs reviewed above were also proposed by us in the article on how to connect Samsung Galaxy to your PC or Mac as they are certainly the best in the sector at the moment.

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