Check messages from multiple email accounts with Multi Email Notifier

Nowadays almost all of us have more than one email address / inbox. There are those who have a personal inbox and one or more boxes to receive work emails. There are also those who have multiple personal email addresses supported by the same provider or by different providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Libero, Hotmail, and so on.

Check your messages multiple email accounts It can be really boring to do, and it definitely wastes your precious time. This is where the need arises to use a tool (software) on your PC that automatically checks all your mailboxes and notifies you if any new messages have arrived (and to which email address). Convenient right? Well, if you also need such software, then keep reading because you will discover very interesting things!

How to Check Messages from Multiple Email Addresses?

There are different types of software that can help you verify and manage multiple email addresses quickly and easily. GMAIL itself also allows you to add other email addresses to your same account, so you can check your email from just one place. Then there are also programs that act as “collectors”, that is, they act as the main interface for managing and displaying email messages from all your inboxes.

But below we want to point out a way that is certainly much simpler and less “invasive” which does not collect messages from your inboxes, but which limits itself only to reporting the latest messages received on a certain email inbox, and notifies you when there is a new message to read. The program in question calls Multi Email Notifierand below you will find our review after a thorough test of the software.

How does Multi Email Notifier work?

Multi Email Notifier it is a program (currently available only for Windows PCs) that does not affect your email inboxes in the slightest, but simply “reads” the latest messages received and notifies you when there is a new message. This program uses the IMAP and POP3 protocols to check the messages of any email (GMAIL, Yahoo MailHotmail,, FreeTiscali, Fastweb, and so on…).

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To make you immediately understand how it works and how useful this program can be, I want to start with a screenshot of the program:

From the picture above you can already understand a lot. On the left of the program the email accounts you want to check (they can be from different providers or even all from the same provider, for example different Gmail accounts). On the central screen, for each account, you can see the last 15 messages received (from the configurations you can also decide to see more). In bold you will see messages you have not yet read (from your main email inbox).

As new messages arrive, messages appear notifications at the bottom right of your computer screen. An acoustic sound accompanies the appearance of these notifications. Each notification shows the subject of the message received, and the referring account. The following picture refers precisely to this automatic “notification” function:

How to configure Multi Email Notifier

Now that you understand the general operation of the program, let's go into detail and see how to add the various email accounts you want to control. The program is in English, but as you will see shortly the operation is really simple.

First download and install the software in FREE version on your computer from the following link:

The free version of the program has the only limitation on the number of accounts that can be controlled (maximum 3). If you have many accounts to check you will have to upgrade to the PRO version which allows you to check messages received on an UNLIMITED number of email accounts.

From the main program screen, click on the “” button at the top leftADD NEW ACCOUNT“. A wizard will open. The first step is to enter the email address to monitor.

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In the second step you will have to set a name for the account (name that will appear in the left sidebar of the program). You will then be asked whether to set up that account via IMAP and POP3. These are nothing more than “protocols” that are used precisely to manage email accounts from other applications. They are protocols that guarantee security because they access READ ONLY messages, and do not delete anything from your mailbox.

For the most popular mailboxes such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Libero, Tiscali, etc. we recommend selecting the IMAP item and then proceeding. For the accounts mentioned the program already has the information “mail server” And “brings“, then you won't have to do anything.

If you happen to be adding your own website account, then you will need to try to retrieve the IMAP or POP3 information from your email provider and enter it into the software.

The last step for configuration is to enter your email address and password. In the case of GMAIL the password to enter is not the one you usually use, but a password that must be created separately (for security reasons imposed by Google) by following these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have already activated two-factor authentication on your Google account from this page:
  2. Go to the password creation page at this link:
  3. In the menu Select Apps choose the option Mail
  4. In the menu Select device select Windows computers
  5. Finally press on Generates

The password that you will have to enter in the program will appear highlighted in yellow, as highlighted in the fig. following:

NB: The entire procedure just described applies ONLY to GMAIL. For other providers, however, as a password you will have to enter the one you usually use to access your email inbox.

Multi Email Notifier Settings

Once you have added all your email accounts to the program, click above Check All Emails And that's it. The software will monitor the messages received and will notify you from now on via notification and an audible sound when a new email arrives.

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By default the program checks each account every 10 minutes. But by logging into Manage Account you can change this time interval and set the check every minute too!

Instead by accessing General Settings you will be able to activate or deactivate some options such as the automatic start of the program, the appearance of notifications, the acoustic sound, etc. You will also be able to set a protection password so that the program is protected from prying eyes.

Another function to consider is Backup / Restore. Using this function you will be able to save all your account data so that you can restore them in the event of a PC change or formatting. This backup file contains your account data 100% encrypted, so you don't have to fear for the security of your information.

All messages that are retrieved by the program are also encrypted, and are ONLY saved locally on your computer, so there is no danger to your privacy.

Multi Email Notifier – PRO version

If you have more than 3 email accounts to check, the version FREE it may not be enough. In that case you can do it upgrades to the PRO version by purchasing the license from the following page:

After purchase you will receive an email containing the link from which to download the PRO version and the license code to insert in it for activation.

(Video Tutorial) Multi Email Notifier

To top it off, here is a nice video tutorial that shows how this extraordinary software works and how easy it is to use.

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