Buy Microsoft Office With the Best Discount: Here’s How

If you’re out in the market to buy Microsoft Office for your personal or business machine, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get the best Microsoft Office Deals around.

Why Purchase Microsoft Office? And Where?

When it comes to productivity or student work, Office is your go-to suite: it has everything a professional may need, from spreadsheets to word processing tools, as well as database management and webpage design. As students, we spend hours and hours on Microsoft Word for essays and compositions, not to mention the many words we type in our day job.

However, getting a genuine license for Microsoft Office can be expensive, especially if you go for it from Microsoft Store. Luckily, there are some excellent alternatives, and your best option is Mr Key Shop, a 100% legit third-party store providing you with the best digital software in the market.

From Microsoft Operating Systems like Windows 11 to Office Suites, including Microsoft Office 2021 and Office for Mac, spanning to the best Antivirus brands like Kaspersky and ESET, as well as the best enterprise-grade tools like SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, and Storage Server, Mr Key Shop has got you covered with the best prices around.

If you’re looking for Microsoft Office discounts, you can save up to 70% over the official MSRPs, still getting a 100% genuine license and all the warranties you can expect from a reliable, professional shop. More on that later.

What’s the Best Buy for Microsoft Office: Which Version to Pick Up?

Best Microsoft Office Deals

To determine which is your ideal option in terms of the best buy for Microsoft Office, you should assess your requirements both in terms of hardware resources at your disposal and your standard day-by-day workflow.

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Microsoft Office has evolved over time, from a simple productivity suite to a fully fledged array of tools designed both for individual and team work. Today, remote collaboration is the name of the game, due to the spread of smart working, agile strategies, and remote working as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, the latest version of Office, aka Microsoft Office 2021, is all about remote collaboration, document sharing, cloud sync, and security. Of course, hardware requirements will be higher than some older versions, like the old but still excellent Office 2010, that’s ideal to be paired with older machines equipped with limited hardware resources.

In between, you can assess Microsoft Office 2013, which is a little smarter than Office 2010, with more advanced features and an improved UI, but still an excellent choice for your not-so-up-to-date machine. Another good choice is Office 2016, which brings the general aspect of the suite closer to Windows 10 in terms of interface and usability, with a higher focus on multi-device use and touchscreen optimizations.

However, if you need a Microsoft Office Suite for your PC, and your machine is powerful enough to run Windows 11 with no hassle, buy Microsoft Office 2021, or if you want to save some bucks without compromising on features, purchase Microsoft Office 2019. As we mentioned above, Mr Key Shop is your best option, since you can save a lot over the suggested price.

A quick recap on Office versions:

  • Office 2010: introduced InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Workspace 2010, and Lync 2010. The best option for older PCs, fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7
  • Office 2013: better performance and optimized, modern UI, still good for machines that are not up-to-date. 100% compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7
  • Office 2016: integration with OneDrive, optimized for touchscreen, new Tell Me search feature. Fully compatible with Windows 11 e Windows 10. Also supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.
  • Office 2019: integration with Cortana, full virtual ink support. Compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10 only.
  • Office 2021: optimized collaboration tools, better translation features directly from Outlook, optimized for virtual ink and touchscreen, multi-device support, and advanced Excel features like XLOOKUP to optimize single-cell and whole-table lookup options. Only compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10.
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If you’re a Mac user, Mr Key Shop has got you covered, too. See the best Office for Mac deals from Mr Key Shop or read our article about how to download Office for Mac at the best price. And if you’re curious, you can also read about how you download Office for free. We’ve also covered how to get the best Windows 10 deals, how to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free, and how to download Windows 10 free! Read our guides right now, or add them to your bookmarks to read later.

Purchase Microsoft Office for Your Daily Workflow, Without Breaking the Bank

purchase microsoft office

If you tried to purchase Microsoft Office from the Microsoft Store, but you got discouraged by the hefty price asked, don’t despair. You can save a lot by shopping from third-party stores. Finding the right one can be difficult, especially with all the gray-market, shady vendors around.

Your best pick is Mr Key Shop, as we told you before; you can get Office at the best price and receive a 100% legit license right in your inbox after the transaction. Payments are all managed via secure platforms like PayPal and Stripe, with other options like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. A full money-back warranty covers each order, and it offers an excellent free English-speaking customer support service before and after the purchase.

As proven by its 98% Excellent score on TrustPilot, Mr Key Shop is one of the best destinations you can find to get a deep discount for software. It’s 100% reliable, with over 18 years of expertise in the industry.

If you’re running a low-spec PC, you can buy an old Microsoft Office version at a bargain price. For example, you’ll find an excellent Office 2013 discount price from Mr Key Shop’s catalog, still getting its full support both before and after your order.

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In case of doubt, the support team can provide you with guidance in picking your best software versions, and if you incur any issues, they’ll help you right away. Once you complete your order, they’ll send you a recap email with everything you need: your new genuine and guaranteed product key, a secure Microsoft Office download link, full instructions, and your invoice.

You can save up to 70% with Mr Key Shop’s Office keys for sale, and if you sign up for the newsletter, you can also enjoy frequent discount codes for your next purchase. As a big plus, you’ll be supporting a 100% eco-friendly company, since it never ships any physical goods, thus reducing pollution and waste. Go take a look for yourself!

Yes, you can purchase Microsoft Office from Mr Key Shop with full confidence. The magic behind its incredible asking prices is as simple as it gets: Mr Key Shop specializes in refurbished Office licenses. This doesn’t mean you’ll buy used Microsoft Office Licenses: your product keys will always be new and 100% guaranteed. You’ll find all the legal references on its page, for your peace of mind.

Go Buy Microsoft Office From Mr Key Shop and Save

Mr Key Shop is your one-shop stop to buy Microsoft Office and other premium-grade digital licenses. You’ll save a significant amount of money that you can invest in other great software tools to keep you up and running in full security. For example, you can get one of the best antivirus for a fraction of the original MSRP. Pay a visit to Mr Key Shop’s generous catalog and get the best of the digital world at the best prices!

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