Microsoft plugs Bing ‘Insights’ search into Office to increase productivity

Microsoft announces today, December 10, that Office Online is getting smarter with a new feature called “Insights for Office”. The new feature integrates Bing search technology inside Office to provide relevant research information without having to leave the document, therefore making users more productive.

Insights for Office is rolling out immediately around the world where Bing and Office are available. Word Online is the first service getting the new capability.

It’s more than just a search box in the Office Ribbon, Microsoft says. The new Bing search capability within Office, it’s different and smarter than a simple search on the web. Microsoft explains that the results users obtain using this tool uses the entire words within the document as a context to accurately bring relevant results.

For example, if you’re writing a research paper about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of United States, and you need specific information, typing the word “Lincoln” on a search engine can bring undesired results, such as Lincoln car company, the movie and other results. But using Insights for Office, Bing is able to analyze the text within your Office document to rank Lincoln (the former president) higher than other results.

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Insights for Office - Abraham Lincoln result

This new high level for search results are the result of Bing being able to use machine learning technology and data index of the world knowledge to analyze the text in your document, making sense of what you’re really looking for.

More importantly, the new feature is ad-free, which means that the experience is rich and non-intrusive, also the content inside of the document never goes outside of Bing, it’s only used to provide relevant results.

You can access the feature by creating a new Word Online document, once you entered some text, right-click the word you want to research, and select Insights.

Source Microsoft

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