The 8 Best Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks for Android

In 2020, Microsoft released a productivity app that lets you experience Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more, all in one app. Prior to its release, users had to install separate apps for each of those programs. While the standalone Office apps are still available on the Play Store, this new Microsoft Office App is the ultimate productive hub for users.

Apart from being an all-in-one platform, the Microsoft Office app is full of productivity hacks to help you finish any task efficiently. Here, we’ve listed the best tips and tricks to make your Office experience even more effective.

1. Add Another Cloud Location in Microsoft Office

If you use a different cloud storage service instead of OneDrive, the Microsoft Office app lets you connect your Dropbox, Box, Rush, and many other third-party file storage services. However, direct Google Drive integration is missing, but you can manually browse files using Microsoft Office if you have the Google Drive app installed on your phone.

To connect to other cloud storage, tap the File icon found on top of the screen. Then, select Add a place and choose the file storage you currently use from the list.

If you want to access Google Drive, press the File icon at the top of the menu and tap Browse to get the files you want to use in Office.

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2. Convert Files to PDF Using Microsoft Office

In some cases, you’ll need to send a document in PDF. If you don’t have your laptop with you to convert these files, you can use the Microsoft Office app instead. You can convert both Word and Excel files to PDF, so no need to worry about using a third-party app or website. In addition to changing the file type, you can also save it locally on your phone or OneDrive for easier access.

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To do this, select the file you want to convert. Then, tap the three-dotted icon found on the right side of the file name and select Convert to PDF.

After converting it, select More and tap Save As to rename the file and choose a location to save it.

3. Sign Any PDF File With Microsoft Office

Signing digital files can be a hassle, especially in PDF format. Unlike Word documents that you can directly paste or add your signature, PDF documents don’t have an easy option. You either have to use a third-party app or convert it to Word before signing the document. But that won’t be a problem with the Microsoft Office app.

If you need to sign a PDF document, press the Actions tab from the bottom menu. Then, choose Sign a PDF and open the document you need to sign.


On the document, tap the location where you wish to sign. You can either sign on the screen or choose to upload an existing signature on your phone. You can also save a new signature by enabling the Store Signature option for future use.

To insert the signature into the document, tap on the Check icon at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Once you place the signature on the document, you can save the file with the digital signature by pressing More > Save As.

4. Convert PDF to Word in Microsoft Office

If you need to convert PDF files to Word or .docx format, the Office app for Android has an option for you. You can quickly change the format of your files from PDF to a Word-compatible document without any third-party tools. To do this, go to the Actions tab and choose PDF to Word. Then, select the file you need to convert and save it.

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Unlike other apps that require you to do more steps to convert PDF, the Microsoft Office app allows you to do so by simply selecting and saving the file.

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5. Scan Documents Using Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office for Android lets you scan documents or images and quickly transform them to PDF, Word, or Excel files. All you have to do is scan it using your camera or upload a picture, and the app converts it to whatever file you choose. This cuts down your work as you won’t need to type everything from scratch.

To scan a document, tap the Actions tab. If you want to scan a document to PDF, select Scan to PDF, and if you need to extract texts from pictures, press Image to text. Likewise, choose Image to table if you want to pull a table from an picture into Excel.

After scanning or uploading the picture, follow the onscreen instructions and save your file to your desired location.

6. Use Dictation in Microsoft Office

Typing long paragraphs on your smartphone can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it for quite a while. Instead of tiring yourself, you can use the Dictation feature of the Microsoft Office app to type quickly in Word documents.

To do this, open a Word file in the app. Then, press the three-dotted icon on the top-right of your screen and turn on the Dictation option. Go back to your workspace and press the Microphone button to start transcribing.

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7. Read Your Documents Aloud in Microsoft Office

If you need to read documents or review reports but don’t have much time, you can ask the Microsoft Office app to read it for you. This built-in feature allows you to listen to any documents, so you can multitask and be more efficient. For example, if you’re running late for work and haven’t finished reading a paper, use this feature to listen to the file while driving.

To listen to a document, open the file on the Office app. Then, tap the three-dotted icon and select Read Aloud.

8. Send Files to Others Using the Office App

Do you work with someone who also uses the Microsoft Office app? In that case, sharing documents will now be quicker and easier—no need to generate links or send them via email. The app gives you an option to share files with nearby Office users instantly.

To share files, click the Actions tab and choose Share Nearby from the option. Then, select Send if you’re sending files or Receive if someone’s trying to send you documents. Wait for the user to connect, and you’re all set.

Productive and Efficient With Microsoft Office

You can work more efficiently and effectively with all these tips and tricks. This all-in-one productivity app can be your next best friend if you work with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents a lot.

Besides all these app-specific tricks, learning more about the general features of Microsoft’s Office suite can further take your productivity to the next level.

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