Become a Master of Microsoft Office With These Free Training Videos

Microsoft Office isn’t hard to learn, but it has lots of features beyond the basics. If you want to become more proficient with Office, check out these new free training videos from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office products are pretty easy to use, but there’s a lot of depth hiding in their simple interfaces. Maybe you just started using Office, or know Word well but struggle with Excel.

Now, you can get some free help straight from the source. Microsoft has just released some new Microsoft Office training videos, titled Office Basics. They cover six different areas of Office:

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  1. Intro to Office Basics
  2. What Is Office 365?
  3. Word Training
  4. Excel Training
  5. PowerPoint Training
  6. Outlook Training

You can see all the courses available at the Office Training Center homepage. Of course, each one covers relevant information for a different Office product. Thus, the Excel lessons show you how to use charts and formulas while Outlook’s course teaches managing contacts and sending email.

After checking out these videos, you should be proficient in every Office product you regularly use. Learning keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving techniques will greatly increase your productivity with these apps you use every day, so the time spent watching the material here is well worth it.

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Need to upgrade your skills even further? Check out the best Office courses available.

How do you learn Microsoft Office? Let us know if these videos helped you work better in your favorite apps in the comments!

Image Credit: eyeretina via Shutterstock

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