Alternative to HiSuite to Manage Huawei from PC

Having problems connecting your Huawei to your computer to manage data via HiSuite, the official software provided by Huawei? Or HiSuite doesn’t detect your phone and you have no idea why it isn’t connecting?

We have already received several emails with problems relating to Hisuite or requests for alternative programs to it. Below we will point out a very valid software that can be used to connect Huawei to your PC/Mac and manage data comfortably from your computer. The program in question is called TunesGO for Android and, according to many users, it is the best alternative to HiSuite for managing your Huawei data directly from a PC.

TunesGO – Manage Huawei from PC easily

TunesGO it’s software”android manager” constantly updated and has now become the most complete software for managing the data of your Android device. With it you can manage the contact book (e.g. add, remove contacts, delete duplicates, import/export contacts, etc.), transfer photos to and from the Android device, convert videos for the smartphone, send and manage messages directly from the computer, install/uninstall apps from the PC, create backups and restore data with just one click, etc…

Link to download the free demo version of TunesGO for Windows or Mac


If you have a Mac we recommend using the app Android Transfer for Mac

After installing and launching TunesGO on your PC (below we take the example of a Windows computer) you will see a home screen like this (after connecting your Huawei to the computer via USB):

Use a USB cable to connect your device HUAWEI to the computer and start data management. In order for your Huawei to be recognized by the program, it is essential to activate the USB DEBUG option within the phone settings. Enabling USB debugging mode on your Huawei phone can help fix the problem with USB connections between your device and computer. Here’s how to enable this option on your Huawei phone:

  1. Turn on your Huawei phone.
  2. Go to “Settings”>”About phone”>”Build number”. Here, click on “Build Number” numerous times until you see a message that says: You are now a developer!
  3. Go back to open the menu “Developer Options” in “Settings”.
  4. Enable the “Developer Options” feature and mark or select the “USB debugging“.
  5. If the message “Allow USB debugging“, click “Ok” to confirm.
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Once the connection between the program and your Huawei has been established, you can immediately start using TunesGO to carry out the operations you want (transferring photos, videos, audio files, managing contacts and applications, backing up and restoring data, and so on).

huawei-logoWhy use TunesGO instead of HiSuite to manage Huawei from PC?

The main reasons why you should use TunesGO instead of HiSuite are these:

1. TunesGO is much more stable and recognizes all Huawei devices, even the latest ones

2. TunesGO is also in Italian and is much more intuitive to use

3. Unlike HiSuite, TunesGO also allows you to download videos and songs directly from the web to your device

4. TunesGO has features not found in HiSuite

5. Unlike HiSuite, TunesGO is available for both Windows PC and Mac OS

NB: The software is compatible with all Android versions and all Huawei models, even those released recently: Huawei P40, P30, P20, P10, Huawei P10, P10 Lite, P10 Plus, P9 Plus, Huawei P8, P8 Lite, etc… Basically it supports all models and Huawei phones released by the parent company even recently.

How to use TunesGO to manage Huawei on Windows PC and Mac

TunesGO is another powerful “android manager” program capable of managing your Huawei from your computer. Unlike other similar software, this program works very well even if you have a computer with Mac OS TunesGO for Windows and Mac:

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After connected the Huawei to the PC or Mac via USB cable, you will have to activate USB debugging on it and then you will also have to authorize the connection by clicking OK on a warning that will appear on the Huawei screen. Once detected by TunesGO you will see the image of your Huawei on the software home screen:

Now you can access yours VIDEO, PHOTOS, MUSIC and manage them directly from your computer. From the menu INFORMATION you will be able to manage your Huawei’s SMS and Contacts.

From the section APPS you will be able to install/uninstall applications, and finally from the section EXPLORE you will be able to see all the folders of your Huawei’s internal memory and SD card.

Huawei HiSuite: How does it work?

If you want to use the HiSuite software to manage your phone from a PC, you must first download and install it (HiSuite download link) and then connect the phone to the computer. Here we show how to do it step by step.

On your Huawei phone, go to Settingsnear HDB and enable the option Allow HiSuite to use HDB.

Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Launch HiSuite on your computer and you should see your phone depicted in the main interface.

Now you can click on a function to start using it in HiSuite. Here’s what you can do with this program:

1. App management

One of the features of Huawei HiSuite is app management. This feature allows you to easily and quickly install new apps, remove existing apps, and even update all your apps in just a few simple clicks.

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2. Backup and restore

The tool also includes a backup feature that allows you to make customizable backups for your Huawei Android devices. When needed, you can restore these backups to your device in just a few clicks.

3. Contact management

This feature helps you work with contacts saved on your phone. You can use the feature to add new contacts, edit existing contacts, and even export all your contacts to your computer.

4. Photos and videos

With the ability to view your phone’s media on your computer, you can bring all your photos and videos to your computer and view them on a big screen. You can also transfer your content if you want.

5. Huawei screenshot

You can actually take a screenshot using the Huawei HiSuite tool on your computer. All you have to do is select an appropriate option in the app and you will need to save a screenshot of your phone screen.

6. Firmware upgrade/downgrade

If you are having trouble updating your phone’s system from the phone itself, you can use HiSuite to download and install new system updates on your Huawei Android device.

7. Message Management

HiSuite also lets you manage your SMS (not WhatsApp) messages. This allows you to read and send messages directly from your computer. You can also export messages from your phone to a computer. Send a message to multiple recipients.

8. Outlook Calendar and Contacts

If you use Outlook on your computer, you can sync all of your phone’s calendar events and contacts with the Outlook app on your computer.

9. SD card file management

You can view local files stored on your phone and your microSD card using the HiSuite app on your computer. You can even perform basic operations on your files from your computer.

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