10 Free PowerPoint Templates to Present Your Photos With Style

You might think Photoshop is the best tool for putting together a photo collage, but actually PowerPoint offers plenty of free templates for you to use instead. Here’s how to use a template in PowerPoint along with all the best PowerPoint photo collage templates you have to choose from.

Why Use PowerPoint Photo Collage Templates?

Share your photos: For our most popular preoccupation with photos—sharing.

Show off photos with style: A professional photo collage template can add gravity and enhance your photos.

Save time: Microsoft PowerPoint templates for photos are molds for standard layouts. Why reinvent the wheel? Save time with pre-made photography templates so you can focus on other things instead.

Showcase creativity: Turn a long-term photography project into a creative PowerPoint photo album presented as a slideshow.

How to Search for Free PowerPoint Photo Collage Templates

The most common use of Microsoft PowerPoint with photos is to use it as a photo album. PowerPoint ships with some default photo templates, but you can also use free templates in the Office Online Template & Themes gallery.

Follow these steps in Office 365. It should be similar for other versions of Microsoft Office as well.

  1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and select More themes on the Home screen or choose New from the sidebar.
    PowerPoint Home Screen

  2. Use the search bar at the top to type in “photos” or “collage” and go through the choices in the template gallery. There are enough choices available to help you quickly put together a project. For instance, you can use photo calendar templates to pair images with a month and create your own family calendar.
    PowerPoint Templates for photos

  3. Select the template you want to use. The template snapshot describes the template and how you can use it.
    PowerPoint Template Create Button

  4. Select the Create button to open the template in PowerPoint. Photo templates come with sample images that are placeholders for your own. Select the pictures, delete them, and insert your own using the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Customize the captions with your own text to describe your photos.
    Modify PowerPoint Template with themes

  5. You can tweak your slides further by applying Themes from the Design tab with just a click. A theme is a predefined combination of colors, fonts, and effects. Different themes are suitable for different slide layouts.
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Tip: You can pin your favorite templates to the New screen.

The 10 Best PowerPoint Photo Templates

Good presenters know not only what to present but also how to present. These 10 professional photo collage templates do some of the handholding for you.

1. Stay Minimal With the Classic Photo Album

PowerPoint Classic Photo Album Template

The Classic Photo Album PowerPoint template is a minimal theme suitable for black and white street photography. Use this to create a personal portfolio. Limited to two colors, it doesn’t distract from the photos you use the template for.

If you want to go with color, personalize the default theme background, colors, number of images, alignment of thumbnails, and more by using the Ribbon.

2. Make a Baby Photo Collage

PowerPoint Baby Photo Album Template

This PowerPoint photo slideshow template presents your cute baby pictures in a vertical style. You can use a different number of photos in the slides and write down memories associated with the photos.

3. A PowerPoint Collage for Wedding Photos

Wedding photo collage in PowerPoint

The elegant Wedding Photo Album is a compilation of 17 slides in different layouts. You will find other wedding album templates in the gallery, but this is an understated photo collage. You can add up to five wedding photos to create a collage. For more choices, search with a “wedding photo album” keyword.

4. Birthday Photo Album Template for Any Age

PowerPoint Birthday Photo template

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A common use of collages is to put together a birthday photo album. This PowerPoint template for birthday photos is easy to adapt to your needs. The 15 deck template also comes with editing instructions if you are a beginner on PowerPoint and need some help.

5. A Stylish Biography Template for Class

Biography template in PowerPoint

Studying the biographies of achievers is required reading in many grade levels. This is not for your photos but for profiling the life of famous men and women in the class. The Biography Presentation template is a well-designed template with space for photos and biographical information. Use each slide to focus on a single aspect of the achiever’s life.

6. Escape With a Road Trip Photo Album Template

PowerPoint Road Trip Collage template

Just looking at the collage of placeholders for your road trip photos might make you want to take one. This beautiful PowerPoint template has eight slides, so you might need more of them if you bring back lots of memories.

7. Have Fun With a Party Photo Album Template

Party photo collage template in PowerPoint

A fun party can throw up a lot of little moments. Capture them all in a slideshow with this 21-slide PowerPoint template. This photo collage template is colorful to match any fun theme for your party.

8. Remember Someone With a Memorial Album

Memorial album PowerPoint template

Use the Floral memorial album template to pay tribute with a PowerPoint slideshow. The eight slides in the template are designed for different photos and one of the slides can even hold eight photos. This presentation design is somber but stylish at the same time.

9. Send a Reunion Reminder With a Family Photo Album

Family Photo Album template in PowerPoint

Present a few loving family photos to inspire everyone to start preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The theme of these PowerPoint slides is simple, and you can easily add a few more slides to the default five this deck comes with.

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10. Create a Stunning Photo Book

Photo book PowerPoint template

You might feel overwhelmed if someone asked you to put together a quick photo book. But use this subtle yet stylish PowerPoint photo book template to get the job done in no time. The name and the placeholder images might suggest a fashion theme, but you can easily repurpose it for any photos.

Let’s Not Forget Office Online

You might not use PowerPoint Online for crafting that killer presentation, but it’s still a free alternative to Microsoft Office with plenty of templates.

While most of the online photo templates are crossovers from the Office suite gallery, there are still some exceptions. For example, the Animated picture collection template.

You can always download a template from the online gallery to your desktop. And you can save your presentation to a web location just as easily with OneDrive, then access it from there with Office 365.

Other Sources of Free PowerPoint Templates

There also lots of non-Microsoft sources of free Microsoft PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. Search with a keyword like “photos” or “photo album” to find them. Here are a few suggestions:

Templates can help you take shortcuts through the time-consuming task of designing a presentation. That way you can save more time for perfecting the look of your presentation with a few profession design tips.

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