Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense review

Iolo develops System Mechanic. It’s an American software company focused on security tools for Windows PCs, with System Mechanic as its best-known product. 

There are four different tiers of System Mechanic. The highest tier, Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, is what we’re reviewing. We’ll judge it based on specific criteria, including features, customer service, user-friendliness, pricing, etc.


There are actually several versions of System Mechanic available depending on your needs (Image credit: Iolo)

Plans and pricing

Let’s start by listing the four different tiers of System Mechanic.

System Mechanic (Basic)

This version is the basic one, with various tools to improve your PC’s performance. It includes the essential functions such as:

  • Junk file deletion
  • Bloatware removal
  • Disk defragmenter
  • Internet speed optimizer
  • Software vulnerabilities checker

System Mechanic Business

This version is almost the same as the basic System Mechanic but explicitly built for enterprise users.

System Mechanic Pro

This version includes all the features of the basic System Mechanic, plus extra ones such as antivirus/malware protection, file recovery, and Drive Scrubber.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

This tier is the most advanced. It includes all System Mechanic features plus some extra Iolo products packed into one app. 

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The additional products include:

  • Privacy Guardian 
  • ByePass 
  • System Shield 
  • Malware Killer 
  • Driver Scrubber

Ultimate Defense usually costs $80 per year for a subscription, but Iolo discounts it to $64 for first-time buyers. There’s a 30-day free trial period and money-back guarantee beginning from when you purchase. 

Note: For unexplained reasons, Iolo automatically tries to subscribe you to a $20 per month technical support package when you purchase a product. This extra charge is significant, so ensure you double-check and remove it before entering your payment details.


The ultimate version of Iolo’s System Mechanic adds real-time antivirus and data protection (Image credit: Iolo)


Junk file deletion

Junk files are temporary files that perform actions on your computer for various purposes. They are helpful for a time but often remain past their utility and take up unnecessary space. System Mechanic enables you to find and delete these junk files.

Disk defragmenter

This feature consolidates fragmented files on your hard drive to increase data access speed. 

Internet speed optimizer

System Mechanic optimizes hidden Windows Internet configurations for faster downloads, improved video quality, and smoother gaming. 

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Privacy Shield

Avoid being tracked across websites with Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense’s Privacy Shield feature (Image credit: Iolo)

Privacy Shield

Privacy Shield prevents any form of web browser fingerprinting. To the unaware, fingerprinting is a method through which websites collect specific information such as your web browser type and version, timezone, operating system, etc. 

This tool also deletes tracking cookies from your browsers. 


ByePass is a tool for safeguarding online login credentials and credit/debit card information. It helps protect your online purchases by masking your payment details from spying eyes. It’s also a password manager that allows you to avoid typing in your login credentials every time you log in to a website. 

Malware Killer

As its name suggests, this tool detects malware on your PC and removes them swiftly.

Driver Scrubber

This feature erases data from your computer to never be recovered. It’s helpful if you work with sensitive information or at some point need to wipe your drives before selling, donating, or recycling your PC.

System Shield

This feature offers real-time antivirus protection for your PC.

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Search and Recover

System Mechanic lets you recover accidentally deleted documents.  


Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense has a similar interface to the rest of the company’s products (Image credit: Iolo)

Interface and in use

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is pretty user-friendly. Downloading the setup file from the official website was simple, and we immediately ran it. Installation takes a few minutes. Afterward, you’ll need to provide an email address to activate your account, and you can start using it instantly.

System Mechanic has a dashboard from which you control all its functions. This dashboard is pretty easy to understand, so you’ll likely not have issues navigating the software. You can find all its features easily and use them.

Support Articles

Iolo also has a number of useful support articles and guides on its site (Image credit: Iolo)


Iolo provides outstanding customer support. You can contact the company directly through email, live chat, or telephone. All users have basic support, but you can get prioritized support for a $20 monthly fee. There’s also a suitable knowledge base and Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) page available online to familiarize users with the software.

The competition

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense has many competitors, such as Ashampoo WinOptimizer and Auslogics BoostSpeed. It’s often more expensive than rival tools, but its extensive feature set makes it worthwhile compared to rival tools.

Final verdict

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense has the appropriate toolset to maintain and improve your computer’s performance. It’s a tool we’ll recommend for every Windows user. However, we recognize that it’s expensive and may be out of reach for a specific subset of Windows users. 

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